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Live Crypto Watch For Your Trading Bot – Coinrule Launches Data Studio

Data equals power, now more than ever. The more information you possess, the higher is the quality of your investment decisions. Asymmetric information in crypto has always been an issue. To battle this and provide the best service to our users, Coinrule has launched its Data Studio that will offer a live crypto watch for your trading bot.

This is a one-stop view to analyze the market and assess how your trading bots perform in real-time.

The data studio features multiple options to enhance your strategies. The Data Studio is the perfect hub for all the cryptocurrency information a trader needs to build rules that make profits. Price, volume, and market capitalization are key metrics every trader should look at every day to improve their strategies.

How to make the most of Coinrule Data Studio?

Stay up to date on all price movements and indicators:

With the addition of the Data Studio, Coinrule can now provide a live crypto watch, where you create rules and track prices all in one in parallel while building your strategies. In the data studio, you can have one graph open at a time and plot indicators on it.

Looking at how indicators evolve over time, helps you adjust the setup to your preferences before launching a rule. Additionally, you can also check the executions of the rule on the market.

Is there a way to optimize the timing for buying? Should I set a different parameter to better spot when it’s more profitable to sell? The Data Studio answers your questions.

Live Crypto Watch

You will have all the data you need to create the rule available at one time in the rule editor. This can be of great benefit and is accessible at any time. There is the option of selecting Simple or Advanced Graphs. With simple graphs, you can change the timeframe and look at the trend, when toggling the advanced you can then add indicators to the chart. 

Access the Data Studio at any time

Adding your favorite Coins to the Watchlist

The watchlist is the best live crypto watch to track your favorite coins in real-time.

You can add your favorite coins to the watchlist and stay up to date about any price movements that occur. Once the trend looks interesting you can just switch on and off the perfect strategy to take advantage of that setup. 

Crypto watch list on Coinrule
Live Crypto Watch

To add a new trading pair to the watchlist, you can search for the pair you would like to add and select. Only trading pairs available on the exchanges that you have connected will appear. 

Add coin to your watchlist
Live Crypto Watch

Following the Recent News

Crypto Has always been an information-driven industry, it is a must to always stay informed about various events that occur in crypto since they may affect the price of your holdings. You can keep up to date with the latest news using Coinrule’s news feed located in the data studio.

The news feed can keep you informed about the latest developments in the space and can be a tool to anticipate price movements and capitalize on them using automated trading rules. 

The news may have a positive (or negative!) impact on a specific coin? You are ready to launch a new rule to seize the opportunity.

Coinrule Trade Feed

Coinrule Trade Feed is a great feature that allows you to track what other users are trading. The feed shows the latest transactions executed via Coinrule. If the strategy is a template, you can click on the link to view the template. 

This feature can be a valuable resource to see what templates fellow traders in the community are running in order to draw inspiration. For now, you can access template strategies, custom rules will only show the amount and traded coin.

The Technical Analysis Index

Is a coin going to trade up or down? Coinrule have you covered. Thanks to Tradingview, you can get a synthetic rating for every coin, calculated from multiple technical indicators. You can select different timeframes, and it will show you a summary of technical analysis on that time frame.

Getting an idea of the short-term or long-term trend of each coin is a valuable resource especially for hobbyist traders, that don’t have to spend much time researching the market.

If the trend is positive, strategies that buy the dips fit perfectly. On the contrary, if the index flashes signs of weakness, you can use strategies to sell the coin to re-buy it lower.

This is a great tool for beginners who want to assess the trend without the need for advanced technical analysis. Traders can even select different timeframes and analyze the difference in trend to create rules that may maximize short-term changes in the trend.

Live crypto watch at your fingertips

With this new addition, traders have all the power at their fingertips to create automated rules, with live data available to them in the Data Studio. There are several features that traders can use as information sources to position rules in optimal scenarios.

  • One of the most useful additions is the presence of a full trading view graph where you can plot technical indicators to track the price movements of a rule live in Coinrule. 
  • Using the watchlist you can always stay up to date about the price movements of your favorite trading pairs. 
  • The news feed keeps you up to date on all of the latest trends, developments, and coins under the spotlight.
  • Coinrule’s trade feed can give you insight into the latest trades happening on the platform. If the trader launched a rule from a template, you can see the strategy and copy it.
  • Using the RPM indicator you can have a summary of several trade indicators across several timeframes. This can be of great benefit to new traders that would like a quick indication of how the trend is heading.