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Trade On Okex, Get A Crypto Cashback In Your Favourite Coin!

Coinrule’s mission is to make automated trading truly user-friendly, allowing everyone to build advanced trading systems with a few simple steps. We recently announced a new partnership with OKEx. Today, we are thrilled to unveil the first outcome of this collaboration. The first 100 accounts to participate in this promotion will get a 100% crypto cashback on Coinrule’s Hobbyist Premium Plan. 

OKEx Trading Promotion

If you open an account on OKEx via our Signup Link, connect it to Coinrule and trade at least $100 worth of crypto. You can claim a cashback of  $40 for your Premium Plan on Coinrule. 

Best of all? You can decide in which coin the crypto cashback will be denominated. Get ready! Pick the coin that has the best chances of a price increase, and we will send it directly to your wallet! You can choose among the ten coins with the highest market capitalization.

Here are the steps to participate in this promo:

  • Create an account on Coinrule
  • Subscribe to one of our Premium Plans (Hobbyist, Trader or Pro)
  • Create a new account on OKEx via our Signup Link
  • Connect your OKEx account to Coinrule
  • Create one or more automated strategies with Coinrule and trade at least $100 on OKEx within the end of the promo (17th of July)
  • Ping us via our in-app chat or by email
  • Coinrule will transfer the selected coins within three days

The three most active accounts during the promo period will be entitled to an additional reward directly to their OKEx account!

The top three accounts with the highest trading volume during the 1-month promotion period will receive respectively 50USDT, 30USDT and 20USDT as additional reward provided by OKEx.

Discover OKEx

OKEx is one of the largest global crypto exchanges. OKEx represents one of the most liquid trading venues for cryptocurrencies. According to Coinmarketcap, OKEx ranks as the third-largest exchange for trading volume. Trade on OKEx, you will find over 300 listed trading pairs that will provide you with plenty of opportunities for your trading strategies.

We are happy to offer to our traders the possibility of creating advanced trading systems on OKEx, which has a remarkable track record of innovative features and security in the crypto space! 

Hurry up and join the promo, only 100 spots are available! 

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