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We are delighted that you have shown interest in Coinrule. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of our enterprise. The use of the Internet pages of Coinrule is possible without any indication of personal data. However, if a data subject wants to use special enterprise services via our Website, processing of personal data could become necessary. If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory basis for such processing, we generally obtain consent from the natural person using Coinrule, hereinafter referred to as the data subject.”

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Invest in People, Coinrule is Crowdfunding!
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Invest in People, Coinrule is Crowdfunding!

Unlike other crypto companies, in 2017 we didn't launch an ICO, instead we raised funds from MKB Bank and Angels. Today we are fundraising again and
You Can Be Part of This Journey.

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Coinrule Webinar with Ruben
How To Create and Launch Trades on Coinrule?
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