Affiliate Program

  • You can join Coinrule's Affiliate Program via this link.

  • New Customers that sign up for the first time and subscribe to one of Coinrule's paid plans using the Affiliate's link are eligible for a reward.

  • The affiliate payouts will be processed as soon as possible, within 45 days from the end of the month during which the subscriber payment was received.

  • Before being eligible for the payout reward, the Affiliate needs to set up a payment preference from the Affiliates personal account. Rewards can be paid out in fiat currencies via Paypal or in cryptocurrencies (BTC or ETH are currently available)

  • Upon acceptance to the Program, the Affiliate will receive a link to share with his network.

  • Eligible rewards include new customers subscribing to one of the paid plans offered by Coinrule. Up-to-date plans are available on this page.

  • For each monthly payment successfully processed, Coinrule will reward 25% of the amount paid to the Affiliate. For each annual payment, the reward is 30%, unless other conditions are explicitly arranged with the Affiliate. The percentage is applied to all ongoing payments on a lifetime basis.

  • We are not accountable in any way for any tax duties or other payments that may arise on behalf of the Affiliate. It's the responsibility of the Affiliate to pay any applicable taxes according to the Affiliate's country's law.

  • The Affiliate commits to an accurate and unbiased communication regarding Coinrule's products. Misconduct involving communication and information about Coinrule may result in removal as an Affiliate.

  • You are not allowed to run paid advertising on Coinrule keywords and brand terms. Doing so will lead to exclusion from the Affiliate Program.

  • Coinrule reserves the right to verify each new customer and decline the related reward in case suspicious activities may arise.

  • Coinrule reserves the right to remove any Affiliate at any point subject to its business decisions.

  • Coinrule reserves the right to change the terms of this program in the future.

  • All data collected within the Coinrule Affiliate Program is treated according to our Privacy Policy.

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