An A-Team of Crypto Enthusiasts That Love Bot Trading

Coinrule is the smart trading bot for cryptocurrency platforms, allowing you to take full control of your crypto trading while being able to fight back hedge funds with automated bots
  We are a team of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts who found that trading crypto currencies is unnecessarily complicated  

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  Over the past years, Cryptocurrency trading has evolved into one of the killer-apps of Blockchain  
By adding liquidity to previously illiquid asset classes such as early-stage tech companies, but also to sectors such as supply-chains, real estate and many more, cryptocurrency trading has enabled an immense process of wealth creation. While speculation might occasionally be seen critically, it’s role in asset price discovery is critical for any market and ultimately adds significant value to all market participants. But traders need the right instruments to make it happen - and this is where Coinrule comes in!

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We have the pleasure of working with fantastic advisors with diverse backgrounds, from academia to capital markets


We have the pleasure of working with over 10+ amazing crypto partners including

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Invest in People, Coinrule is Fundraising!

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