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  • Sep 19
    Completed first Fundraise with MKB Bank and two Angel Investors. Launched Public Alpha
  • Jan 21
    Released new Trading Interface, allowing Traders to build more than 10,000 different automated strategies and started generating Revenue with a team of 8
  • May 23
    Start offering the easiest Backtesting solution in the market and kicked off Seed Fundraising Campaign
  • July 23
    Obtain Trading Arranging licence and comply with new Digital Assets Regulation coming up in 2023
  • Oct 23
    Expanding asset classes offering by giving access for our trader community to stocks and commodities as well as initiating the workflow for the DeFi Proof of Concept
  • Mar 24
    Leverage investment conversations we have held over the past year at Y Combinator to complete a Series A fundraise with VCs
  • June 24
    Proposition expands into a product suite that can also serve instituional investors and open up new streams of revenue and third-party integrations
  Have been working with the Coinrule team since the early days, I am impressed about the progress they have made and the passion the founders display, consistently.  

Robin joined MKB Bank and Kasper, another Angel investor, in the first fundraise. Robin is an serial enterpreneur from the Nordics. After growing his Digital Boutique to over 800 employees, he sold the business to WPP, became CEO of one of its ventures and began investing in early-stage Startups.

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Robin Bade, former CEO of Mirum and first Coinrule Investor

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Key Terms

Equity Offer

  • Coinrule is a UK registered Limited Company governed by English law
  • Investment documents prepared through Seedlegals to ensure full transparency
  • Investors will get ordinary shares with voting rights and monthly reports

Use of Funds

  • 47% Team
    Recruit two additional Full-Stack Engineers
  • 29% Growth
    Begin paid marketing campaigns through influencers and PPC
  • 24% Operations
    To cover server/tools costs and the application for FCA Sandbox

SEIS Approved For UK Angels

  • Up to 50% of an investment can be claimed back in income tax relief
  • Receive 50% Capital Tax Gains relief through SEIS
  • Full SEIS still available

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