Algorithmic Trading

AI Trading Comes To NASDAQ

The Simplest AI for Stock Trading

The easiest AI Automation on the market has landed in Stock Trading land. Ever since its inception, Coinrule has been simplifying trading and giving more power to retail investors. Today, Coinrule is expanding to traditional markets, NASDAQ and NYSE, thanks to the inclusion of Alpaca, a renowned US-based stock broker partner.

Read here how to connect Alpaca to Coinrule and start your automated trading today.

Why Stock Trading?

Cryptocurrencies is our bread and butter, but we understand that the world of investments is vast and diverse. Many users expressed a desire to diversify their portfolios without having to jump between multiple wallets. By integrating stock trading into Coinrule, users have the best of both worlds and several degree of volatility to play with.

Testing with the Paper Wallet

For those who are just dipping their toes into stock trading, Alpaca Paper Trading is also available on Coinrule. This simulation environment allows users to practice trading with virtual money, giving them a chance to learn, refine, and perfect their strategies before going live.

Alpaca is available to users worldwide, there are no geographic restrictions. However, do keep in mind that automated trading is only available during NASDAQ trading hours: 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday EST time.

Benefits of Automated Stock Trading on Coinrule:

  • Simplified Trading Experience: whether you’re a newbie or an experienced trader, Coinrule’s intuitive interface will make your automated stock trading journey seamless
  • Diversification: mix, match and balance your portfolio with cryptocurrencies and traditional stocks all in one place
  • Rule-Based Trading: just like with cryptocurrencies, set your criteria and let the Coinrule AI handle the rest
  • Real-Time Insights: dive deep into analytics to fine-tune your strategies

Pattern Day Trader Limitation: Coinrule Got You Covered

A significant point to note for all stock traders, especially those in the US, is the pattern day trader (PDT) rule. This rule stipulates that if a trader makes four or more day trades (buying and selling a stock within the same day) in a five-business-day period, they are considered a pattern day trader and must maintain a minimum equity balance of $25,000 in their account.

The intricacies of this limitation have potential pitfalls for bot traders. That’s why Coinrule incorporated error mapping for the PDT limitation on Coinrule. If you ever encounter this error while setting your rules, Coinrule will alert you, ensuring you stay informed and avoid potential account restrictions.

Empowered Trading Journey

This integration is yet another step to provide retail investors with a comprehensive, intuitive, and empowering trading experience. Whether you trade cryptocurrencies or stocks, Coinrule is here to simplify the process, reduce the risks, and increase your potential rewards.

Dive into the world of NASDAQ stock trading on Coinrule today with Alpaca, and harness the power of automation. Make your trading strategies more effective than ever.

Happy Trading