Expanding Trading Horizons: Create Automations with Gemini and Coinrule

Coinrule unveils a significant improvement to trading through its integration with Gemini, a well-known exchange based in New York. This integration of Gemini Spot Trading not only enhances the capabilities of our platform but also opens up exciting possibilities and expands the horizons of what you can achieve with Coinrule.

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Our commitment at Coinrule has always been to empower our users with the utmost flexibility when it comes to automated trading. Essentially, with the inclusion of Gemini Spot Trading, we’re taking this commitment to the next level.

Diving Deeper into the Benefits:

1. Wider Asset Range: One of the most significant advantages of this integration is the access it provides to Gemini’s vast array of cryptocurrencies. Coinrule users can now diversify their portfolios even further. While exploring new trading pairs and capturing a broader spectrum of market opportunities.

2. Increased Security: Gemini is globally recognized for its top-tier security measures and commitment to safeguarding users’ assets. By trading on Gemini through Coinrule, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your investments are in the hands of a platform renowned for its robust security infrastructure.

3. Streamlined Experience: We understand the importance of a seamless trading experience, and this integration delivers precisely that. You can effortlessly set your trading rules on Coinrule and witness them execute on Gemini’s Spot Market without any disruptions. Ensuring a hassle-free trading journey.

4. Enhanced Trading Strategies: The synergy between Coinrule’s powerful automation tools and Gemini’s feature-rich platform empowers users to implement more sophisticated trading strategies. This integration opens up a world of possibilities, while allowing you to leverage the best of both worlds and maximize your trading potential.


The integration of Gemini represents another significant stride towards offering our users unparalleled flexibility and control over their trading strategies. We are committed to staying at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading innovation while providing you with the best tools to navigate the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

As we embark on this exciting journey together, we extend our warmest wishes for successful and profitable trading. Here’s to achieving many more milestones together as we continue to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency trading. Elevate your trading journey to new heights.

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Happy trading!