Life Of A Trader Series: A Chat with Travis, Crossfit Coach and Crypto Connoisseur

Welcome to Coinrule’s Life of a Trader Series. Today we sit down with Travis, a Coinrule user & Crossfit Coach turned Crypto Connoisseur. This exclusive interview showcases how Travis employs principles of discipline, strategy, and adaptability to navigate the dynamic world of automated crypto trading.

Travis, it’s a pleasure to have you as our first “Trader of the Month.” Can you start by giving us a brief introduction about yourself, your background, and how you got into crypto trading?

T: The honor is truly mine. Thank you for shining a spotlight on my journey.

I’m currently residing in the bustling metropolis of London, but I’m originally from Canada and moved here around 6 years ago. My day job is actually a CrossFit coach and personal trainer, which is a totally different industry from Crypto and trading! That being said, there are plenty of transferable skills I have brought over to trading—attention to detail, pattern recognition, and a knack for deciphering complex systems—that have aided my foray into trading.

I originally got into Crypto through Web 3 gaming! I was fascinated with the idea of digital asset ownership of gaming items and potentially making an additional income playing. But as I dove deeper, I recognized that the infrastructure for earning a reliable income from gaming was in its very early stages and will probably be years before any reliable income could be made from it. Which led me to Crypto day trading, this also provided a means to make additional income but was much more accessible to get started.

Journey into Crypto Trading

Every trader has a unique story about their journey into the world of cryptocurrencies. Can you share your experience and what drew you towards automated trading?

T: The inception story—equal parts fascination and frustration. Like all of us who get started trading, it seems like such an easy way to make money “buy low, sell high” and the inverse. But in reality, it’s the easiest and hardest way to make consistent money!

It was very frustrating at first winning and losing without knowing the framework or root cause of why it was happening, this led me to a long personal education journey.  I studied hundreds of hours of charts, studied and learned from top traders across multiple social media platforms.  Practiced through too many Coinrule demo rules to count!

“It was very frustrating at first winning and losing without knowing the framework or root cause of why it was happening, this led me to a long personal education journey.”

Over time, my knowledge increased and led to a well-rounded perspective on how the market and price action work.

The appeal of automated trading was born out of sheer necessity. Juggling a 60-hour workweek while searching for trade opportunities became unsustainable. Automation, via Coinrule, became my force multiplier in the market, allowing me to achieve efficiency without sacrificing efficacy.

Influences & Mentors

Are there any particular traders or thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space that have greatly influenced your trading philosophy?

T: Absolutely! Crypto Face and the Market Cipher team were instrumental in shaping a major part of my early development, especially in understanding market dynamics and the psychology that drives them. Another notable mention would be Crypto Neuvo and his simple explanations on how to read candles and in particular “Wick Strategy”.

About Your Strategy

You’ve achieved impressive results with your trading rules. Could you shed some light on the core principles or philosophies behind your strategy?

T: Thank you; it’s an accumulation of all the hard work and long hours I have put in.

Strategy wise I am a contrarian trader at heart! (Against the trend)- Just as a disclaimer, I wouldn’t recommend this strategy to a beginner, it is important to learn the basics of trading with the trend first!

That being said, once you have a better understanding of the fundamentals you start to notice how the market and price move, it has a natural flow about it that abides by the same laws of the universe we all know. “What goes up, must come down and what goes down must come up”.

Big opportunities are present at both ends of the spectrum and avoid some of the uncertainty of trading in the middle. You just have to work out the best way to identify local tops and bottoms to take advantage.

“The basics of my strategy use both sentiment and price momentum indicators to identify potential tops and bottoms for entry”

Trading Challenges

Every trader faces challenges and hurdles. What would you say has been the most challenging aspect of crypto trading for you, and how have you overcome it?

T:  My largest challenge was my emotions and patience, I would constantly second guess myself when entering a trade manually or stop loss/take profit too early. Automation via Coinrule was a huge part of me overcoming this challenge and providing the discipline needed to adhere to my trading plan and neutralize my emotional biases.

Spotlight Rule & Its Origin

As part of this feature, we’re highlighting a specific rule chosen by the trader. Can you tell us about your rule, its significance, and how you came up with it?

T: A template example of a rule that embodies my strategy integrates the Money Flow Index (MFI) below 20 on both 15-minute and 4-hour time frames with a MACD crossing above the signal line on a 15-minute time frame.

The money flow index represents the sentiment of the coin being oversold while the MACD crossing represents the price action reversing and showing upward momentum. The exit condition for this could use the Bollinger Upper Band, a specific % price increase, or even MACD crossing below the signal line depending on my risk tolerance.

Personally, I also like to peg the BTC MFI to a rule as well, to ensure I am trading in the direction of the macro market. I originally developed this basic strategy while observing patterns play out in this way through hundreds of hours spent analyzing charts.

Insights on the Future of Crypto

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly evolving space. Based on your experience and observations, where do you see the future of crypto trading, especially with the rise of automation and algorithmic strategies?

T: The future is definitely a combination of AI, Machine Learning, and Automated Trading. This type of trading is far superior to manual trading as it has the ability to scan the market for opportunities much faster and best of all removes the emotional side of trading!

Advice for Aspiring Traders

Finally, for those who are new to crypto trading or are looking to refine their strategies, what piece of advice would you offer them to thrive in this dynamic environment?

T: I’d highly recommend studying Market Cipher; their resources are a goldmine of information. As there are so many of the basic indicators involved – RSI, MFI, MACD, Volume Weighted Average, etc.- you will gain a well-rounded knowledge of how to read charts and price action.

Additionally, I would suggest practicing what you learn on Coinrule’s Demo Exchange, trying different strategies, and analyzing results.

Lastly, ask questions! Never hesitate to reach out to the  Coinrule community; it’s a treasure trove of collective wisdom waiting to be tapped into as we have so many talented traders in our community who are eager to help.


Travis is a true modern-day polymath, excelling in two seemingly disparate fields, CrossFit coaching and Cryptocurrency Trading. His journey illustrates that skills like pattern recognition, emotional discipline, and keen attention to detail can indeed be transferable across different domains.

“By incorporating automated trading through Coinrule into his busy schedule, Travis doesn’t compromise his commitment to fitness or finance”

Travis stresses the value of community learning and encourages new traders to engage with platforms like Coinrule to refine their strategies.  His success serves as an empowering reminder that one doesn’t have to pick a single lane to thrive in today’s multifaceted world. Whether you’re a newbie in crypto trading or a seasoned trader looking to optimize your strategies, Travis’ insights offer actionable wisdom. His experiences offer invaluable lessons for both novices and experts alike, making him Coinrule’s Trader of the Month.

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