Coinrule expands with new servers

Coinrule Expands Globally With New Servers

Due to the increase in our user base globally, Coinrule is scaling in parallel! Coinrule expands globally with new servers in the United States and the United Kingdom to improve the user experience, trading speeds and offer region-specific trading pairs such as USDBTC on Coinbase Pro.  

Every day a better Coinrule

New servers improve the rule execution speed – a major accomplishment considering the growing volume of automated strategies running on our systems. It’s a common situation that the performances of trading intermediaries deteriorate when larger volumes hit the markets. Even major exchanges and trading platforms (Robinhood!) suffered temporary downperiods during high-volatility trading hours. Our mission is to offer our users reliable trading tools that add value to their wallets, especially when the best opportunities arise.

The addition of new servers also expands the platform’s security by increasing the server infrastructure’s strength. Coinrule can now rely on a sound and redundant cloud structure that guarantees business continuity in case of downtime events on single servers.

Crossing geographic borders

Some exchanges apply restrictions on Fiat wallets depending on a trader’s location. Users based in the US need a US-cloud-based trading bot for their wallet, just like those in the UK need to run their strategy on a server based in the same country to access all the assets allowed based on their Residency. A global server coverage will enable us to give USD and GBP wallet access to US and UK traders.

All users are now assigned to their server’s region based on their country geolocation during the signup process. Premium users have now the possibility of switching the server where their rules run based on their preferences. We now offer a new feature in which you can select your server’s geographical region. To change the region where your server is located, you can press on Settings and select the region from the drop-down menu.

Server Region Switch For Premium Users

Coinrule expanding globally with new servers is just a new step to develop innovative access to investment opportunities through automated trading. Our roadmap is full of improvements and new features that will be released in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Coinrule Continues Crowdfunding Campaign to Boost the Future of Finance.

Before we wrap up, a final reminder: after launching the simplest smart-assistant for trading and growing to become an outstanding option for crypto traders, UK-based Coinrule is currently expanding its offer of services and has launched a Seedrs crowdfunding campaign that will allow us to further boost features.

Invest in the Future of Finance Today (but keep in mind that when investing, capital is at risk!)