As Goes January…

As goes January, so goes the rest of the year is a Wall Street saying that has only been wrong 10 times since 1950. How much does this apply to Crypto markets?

In January 2021, the Crypto total market cap grew about 28%.In January 2020, the same metric saw 36% growth. On the other hand, deep Crypto Winter started in 2018 – the total market cap was down 20% in January of that year.

If history repeats itself, crypto markets might be in for a weak year, never mind the short-term bounce we have seen over the past days.

Of course, a common theme of this column has been how much crypto has progressed compared to 2018. Even if some parts of the market would be bearish, there might be significant opportunities and mini-cycles in areas such as Decentralized Finance, NFTs, GameFi, L2s, and so on.

However, to do well in such markets, more effort is necessary as the days of ‘Up Only’ would be over. Having said that, January 2022 still has more than half a month to go, plenty of time for a surprise rally to lift the mood. And even if January goes bad, maybe Crypto markets will have some positive surprises in store for us.

One positive catalyst such as another big company putting BTC on their balance sheet might be all that’s needed to lift the market out of its January Blues.