Binance One-Click Authentication is here!

Sick of all the faff that comes with connecting an exchange? Binance one-click authentication has arrived!

Connecting an exchange to Coinrule has never been so easy. With Binance one-click, spend less time connecting exchanges and more time trading. No more whitelisting APIs and manually setting permissions. To connect Coinrule to your Binance account, simply navigate to the exchanges page on Coinrule, click ‘Connect’, follow the prompts, and you’re ready to go! 
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Here at Coinrule, we’re extremely happy to be among the first cohort of Binance partners to be invited to the one-click program! Since our relationship started in 2018, our strong partnership has brought numerous mutual benefits for both Coinrule and Binance users. From being the first partner exchange that allowed Coinrule users to trade leverage, to allowing Binance users to automate their trades with Coinrule. We look forwards to further strengthening our partnership and continuing to grow alongside Binance. Happy trading!