Coinrule Launches New Activity Log!

Activity log improvements are now live on Coinrule! The changes focus on two main areas:

  1. The profit and loss (P&L) graph
  2. Rule history

Profit and Loss Graph

In regard to the P&L graph, it is now much more detailed and displays an increased array of information:

The blue rightward pointing arrows indicate the opening of a trade and the leftward pointing arrows mark the closing of a trade. The colour of the arrow indicates if the trade was closed for a profit or loss. Intuitively, green indicates profit whereas red indicates a loss. 

If you highlight one of the arrows, it will show you the corresponding pairing that the opening/closing of that trade relates to, along with the date/time of the action and the current P&L of the rule:

There is now also the option to change the data range that the graph displays. Users can choose between displaying the graphical data for trades in the past day, week, month, six months, or all time. If users find the new graph too crowded, there is also the option to toggle trades to “OFF”, cleaning up the graph:

Rule History 

In regard to the rule history, the updates mean that much more information is now displayed when users expand a trade by clicking the arrow on the right-hand side:

Now, with the new update, realised profit/loss for each trade is shown, along with the condition that caused the rule to trigger. In this case, when the price increased from 1.605 to 1.616.

We hope that you enjoy the update. Happy trading!