KuCoin Futures Live on Coinrule!

Coinrule is excited to announce that KuCoin Futures are now live! Start trading Futures on Coinrule now!

Ability to Short
With the integration of KuCoin Futures, you will now be able to short assets on KuCoin without actually owning the underlying assets. Taking a short or sell position on KuCoin Futures is essentially a bet that the price of the asset will fall. When you “short sell” a futures contract, you are buying a contract to sell at a (preferably) lower price in the future. For example, if you sell one contract of Bitcoin at $17,000 you are making a bet that the price of Bitcoin will fall. If the price then falls to $16,000 and you buy one contract (thereby closing the position) you will have profited $1,000.

Low Fees

Another advantage to using KuCoin is the low fees. Maker fees are 0.02% whilst taker fees are 0.06% however these can reduce drastically depending on your monthly trade volume and the balance of KuCoinToken (KCS) held in your account. High fees can eat into profits from trading, especially when your strategies run a large number of trades. Kucoin is therefore the perfect place to use scalping strategies.

For an up to date breakdown of KuCoin fees check out their fees page.

Top Markets

With over 130 pairings for leveraged markets, KuCoin is renowned for being the top centralized exchange to purchase and trade lower market capitalization altcoins with large potential. These small cap coins often have higher volatility than larger market cap coins. And catching all their explosive moves can be a challenge. As all traders know, the higher the volatility the greater the opportunities. Therefore, these are the perfect markets to use Coinrule’s automated trading strategies. You can now take advantage of this volatility without having to keep your eyes glued to your monitor while trading.

We hope you enjoy the integration of this new exchange. Safe trading!