New Moving Averages Live on Coinrule!

Coinrule has integrated 5 new Moving Average periods meaning you now have even more customizability for your rules! You can now build MA3, MA27, MA32, MA65 and MA75 into your strategies, giving you a huge array of MA values to choose from:

Moving Averages are one of the simplest technical indicators. They work by smoothing out price trends by filtering out the noise that you get from short-term price fluctuations. Moving Average crossings can provide important signals for traders. For example, if a fast period Moving Average (e.g. MA9) crosses above a slower period Moving Average (e.g. MA50) it can act as a buy signal for a trader:

Intuitively, when the fast period Moving Average crosses below the slower period Moving Average, it can act as a signal to close a position or open a short position.

We hope you enjoy the new features. Happy trading!