Revolutionising Rewards: Coinrule & CoinGecko

We’re thrilled to bring you a game-changing announcement from the heart of the crypto world. Coinrule is joining hands with CoinGecko, one of the world’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency data aggregators, in a partnership that promises to bring some exciting new rewards.

Starting today, CoinGecko users can redeem their well-earned Candy Rewards for a lifetime 25% discount on any of Coinrule’s monthly or annual subscriptions. Yes, you read it correctly – a lifetime discount, making the power of automated crypto trading even more accessible to all.

For those not yet in the know, CoinGecko’s Candy Rewards program is a user-centric initiative which allows the platform’s users to collect ‘Candy’ simply by logging in daily and engaging with the CoinGecko platform. With these accumulated Candies, users can redeem various exciting rewards and perks.

To redeem your Candy for this exclusive discount, new Coinrule users can simply head to the CoinGecko Rewards page and select the Coinrule offer. Once you’ve redeemed your discount, visit Coinrule’s website to choose your preferred subscription.

We’re incredibly excited about what this partnership will bring to both the Coinrule and CoinGecko communities. As always, we are dedicated to providing the best trading tools and strategies, and we believe this partnership with CoinGecko is a monumental step in that journey.

We’re looking forward to welcoming CoinGecko users to our platform and can’t wait to see the fantastic trading strategies you’ll create with Coinrule.

As always, happy trading!