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Blockduo Ranks Coinrule Among Top 3 Crypto Trading Bot For Crypto

We are thrilled to announce that Blockduo ranked Coinrule among the top 3 crypto trading bots available for investors.

“Coinrule is focussing on one of the most important factors when it comes to automated crypto trading; user experience. We’ve found that the majority of systems out there are complex and lack intuitive design – Coinrule is going places.” – Blockduo

Top 10 Crypto Bot according to Blockduo

Blockduo is an online publication founded in 2019, which is focused on making cryptocurrency easy to understand as well as providing honest, unbiased views on the expanding digital asset market and its leading products/services.

Including Coinrule among the top crypto trading bots represents further acknowledgement for the work that the whole Coinrule team has been putting in over the past few months. We are working hard to allow any trader to build an automated trading system in the easiest way.

Everyone should have access to advanced, yet simple to use, tools to manage their investments. Thanks to the If-This-Then-That logic, you can implement even the most advanced trading strategy without coding skills in just minutes.

We just released a new and improved version of our platform that allows creating rules that can fit with every trader’s needs. You can read more about it here!

We are now working on adding technical indicators into our strategies. And soon a brand new backtesting tool will be available.

Planning, building and running an automated trading strategy for your crypto assets has never been easier!

Stay tuned! 😎