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Coinrule & OKEx Partner Up to Provide A Market-Leading Trading Experience

The Crypto market never sleeps and always evolves. So do we. We are working hard every day to deliver to our traders the most powerful options to build profitable automated trading strategies. Choosing the best exchanges is definitely a crucial part of any trading system.

Today we are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with the OKEx exchange.

OKEx represents a reliable option for crypto traders and is a great trading venue for cryptocurrencies. Coinrule and OKEx new trading partnership will allow Coinrule traders to include new coins in their automated trading strategies. The exchange has shown remarkable volume milestones over time, becoming one of the globally most well-recognized exchanges. 

Why we love it

OKEx lists some of the hottest coins that caught great interest among traders in recent months. When hype hits a coin that ignites speculation among traders that, in turns, translates into volatility. Traders love volatility, and they can get the best of it running an automated trading strategy with Coinrule. 

Short-term opportunities set aside, these coins have a solid basis and the potential to outperform in the future.

OKEx Utility Token (OKB)

OKB is the native token of the OKEx trading platform. It offers great utility across the exchange, such as an interesting reduction in transaction fees for holders and access to OKB Jumpstart, the OKEx Token Sale Platform. 

The price of the token is on a steady uptrend, reflecting the continuous release of new innovative features and products that the OKEx team is announcing. One of the main catalysts for further price upside could be the launch of OKEx’ proprietary blockchain, OKChain, in the coming months. That will lead to the release of a decentralized version of the exchange in the second half of 2020.

OKEx packed its roadmap with exciting plans. The company intends to assign a high priority to the development of financial dApps. This will potentially make OKEx a major new player in the DeFi ecosystem. 

We are happy to partner up with such a forward-thinking company. In the future, this could open up new use cases for automated investing across decentralized platforms, creating new value and disruptive opportunities for our traders.

Gabriele Musella, CEO of Coinrule

Other interesting coins

Digibyte is one of the oldest blockchains, launched in 2014 and backed by a passionate community of volunteers. Although little known to most of the crypto community, this blockchain is built on reliable technology and was never linked to any fraud-related activity. 

In the last two months, DigiByte is living its own Altseason with the price skyrocketing over 800% in USD terms. That is coupled with a very high volatility that always provides great opportunities that an automated trading strategy can catch 24/7. OKEx is the most liquid exchange where our traders can create automated trading strategies involving DGB.

Wirex. Many projects in 2017 promised to launch crypto-linked credit cards. To do that, they raised funds in highly hyped ICOs. Many failed to deliver their cards, and only a few managed to achieve at least some significant results.

Wirex took the opposite approach. The company built a stable ecosystem of products first and then launched its own IEO via the OKEx platform. Wirex is currently a fast-growing global crypto-player, and the long-term value of their token should reflect its potential. OKEx is the only trading venue where Coinrule’s traders can automatically trade the WRX token.

More to come

Today Coinrule and OKEx announce a new trading partnership and we are excited about the potential outcomes that will unlock fantastic opportunities in the long term. We plan on exploring further collaboration possibilities with OKEx to provide new benefits for both our user bases. 

Our mission remains the same. We want to allow traders to get access to powerful tools to improve the performances of their trading systems, managing their assets safely in all market conditions. 

Stay tuned as we will unveil more info about this partnership soon… 

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