Advanced indicators on Hitbtc

Automated Trading On Hitbtc – Advanced Indicators Now Available On Coinrule

We are delighted to announce that automated trading on HitBTC is now more powerful with technical indicators on Coinrule.

Advanced indicators allow you to build rules that adapt to market conditions on the third-highest ranked exchange according to available trading pairs. HitBTC supports over 900 crypto assets allowing you to run some of the best performing rules on a vast number of coins across the market. 

HitBTC is one of the most established, most secure, and innovative exchanges for cryptocurrencies, with advanced API integration providing ultra-fast execution. They are constantly adding new tokens, giving you limitless opportunities to boost your returns.

New trading strategies

Combined with the addition of advanced strategies that use technical indicators, the opportunities are endless. 
You can now build automated trading strategies HitBTC with Moving Averages and the Relative-Strength Index.

Strategies such as the one below incorporate powerful technical indicators coupled with Coinrule’s “any coin” feature run on over 900 coins. Unlock immense possibilities to catch any dip on the market!

automate trading on HitBTC
Advanced Indicators on HitBTC to buy the dips

Create your own rule using Coinrule’s versatile rule editor or browse our best-performing strategies in the template library . Learn more about countless trading ideas and resources in our comprehensive Knowledge base

Technical indicators allows users all over the world to enhance automated trading on HitBTC and manage their portfolio with no stress!

What is Coinrule

Coinrule is the most user-friendly smart-assistant to build your trading rules across your favorite exchanges. It is the “if-this-then-that” for cryptocurrencies. Run your trading plan 24/7 rather than sit for hours in front of charts.

The Crypto Bull Market is now offering countless opportunities every day. To catch them at any time, you will need the proper tools and the best crypto trading strategies.

Create your own automated strategy now!