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Coinrule Reviewed – What Crypto Experts Say About Us

Coinrule is a platform that allows users to create and execute trading rules automatically for Cryptocurrencies. We have been reviewed by a number of Cryptocurrency news websites and blogs, all of which have acknowledged Coinrule as a slick, easy to use .platform 

You are able to pre-plan your trades using a wide range of performance indicators, without any coding experience. The beauty of Coinrule is that anyone and everyone can use this tool with ease, especially beginners who haven’t been exposed deeply to the world of finance previously.

During the time that we have been operational, we have received numerous reviews from exceptional critics in the industry. Coinrule, as a company, strives to provide exquisite customer experience through both its interface and customer support team. 

User-experience first

The common denominator among all the reviews was the appreciation of Coinrule’s interface and its simplicity. Many have drawn the analogy of Coinrule being somewhat of a “Crypto Lego tool box”, where you can build rules like blocks.

“Best of all, Coinrule uses the “ if-this-then-that” logic, enabling beginners to start trading and create rules with ease.


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Captain Altcoin

This s a crypto news website, similar to others they have seen the strong need of media outlets in the world of crypto and have decided to fill that need. Captain Altcoin reviewed Coinrule a few months back and truly understood the message that Coinrule strives to empower everyone “to compete with professional algorithmic traders”. 


DecentralPost is home to cryptocurrency reporters and analysts, the website features cryptocurrency news about, as well as price predictions and future trends for popular cryptocurrencies. They have written an in-depth review of Coinrule, highlighting the user-friendly aspect of the platform. 


CoinCodeCap is a cryptocurrency blog that produces content related to the crypto world frequently, and their review of Coinrule was great. They refer to Coinrule as a “beginner-friendly crypto trading bot”. 

The Crypto Basic

The Crypto Basic is a rich website filled with information regarding the cryptocurrency world. They periodically review different projects and post content. They posted a great review of Coinrule, with some insider tips about the upcoming features. 


Tradingbot is an information website that provides users with reviews and tips on everything related to crypto bots. They’ve reviewed Coinrule recently and their review was nothing short of spectacular.

And if that’s not enough, visit Coinrule and see for yourself what everyone is talking about!