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OKX Futures Launch Campaign Goes Live!

OKX & Coinrule Campaign: Deposit & Trade 500 USDT to win 50 USDT + Get 20% off Trading Fees + Get 25% Off Coinrule Plans!

Campaign Period: Apr 12 2024 00:00 UTC – May 31 2024 23:59 UTC

To celebrate the launch of OKX Futures, Coinrule is thrilled to announce an exciting campaign that we are running together with OKX. This is your chance to win 50 USDT in the form of futures credits, grab a 20% discount off futures trading fees and get 25% off your Coinrule subscription! 

Steps to unlock the rewards:


1. Deposit to Win 50 USDT: 

  • Win 50 USDT in the form of futures credits
  • The minimum deposit amount is 500 USDT to be eligible. 
  • Maintain a net deposit of at least 50 USDT until the end of campaign.
  • Click “Deposit Now” on the Campaign details page to make your first deposit.


2. Exclusive 20% off Futures Trading Fee Discount: 


3. Unlock 25% Off Coinrule Subscription: 

  • Get access to Coinrule subscription with 25% off for users who trade at least $10,000k on OKX Futures
  • The discount will be applied to all eligible users at the end of the campaign

Campaign Terms and Conditions

1. Campaign period: Apr 12 2024 00:00 UTC – May 31 2024 23:59 UTC

2. Campaign participant eligibility: This campaign is only available for new or dormant OKX users who have not traded on the platform before registering for the event. It is eligible to Coinrule users who have created a new OKX account during the campaign period using Coinrule’s referral link or OKX users who have not traded on OKX in 12 months.

You must click the “Join now” button and make sure the button is changed to “Enrolled” to be considered a valid participant of the event. Otherwise, your participation will be void.

According to local laws and regulations, users from the following countries or regions (subject to verification information) are not eligible to participate in this campaign: please refer to clause 2.2 of OKX’s Terms of Use. UK/US KYC users are not eligible to participate.

3. KYC: Participants must complete KYC identity verification to participate and claim the rewards in this campaign.

4. Eligible deposits include the following: Crypto Deposit via external wallet transfer and Buy Crypto via Fiat gateway, credit card, or P2P transactions by P2P Express or P2P Marketplace.

Deposits by internal transfers and P2P transactions made by share link or QR code will be excluded. Eligible deposits aren’t limited to cryptocurrency types and will be converted to USDT prices based on the closing price on the deposit date.

5. Minimum balance: Participants must have a net deposit greater than 50 USDT until the end of the campaign.

Participants must maintain a net deposit of at least 50 USDT until the end of the campaign. (Net deposit = eligible deposit – withdrawal)

6. Volume: Trading volume includes both Derivative trading and Spot trading volume during the activity period.

7. Other trades: Trades made with other OKX rewards or perks won’t be counted as valid trades for this campaign, including but not limited to trades using rebate cards, contract vouchers, transaction fee waivers, etc.

8. No restrictions:There are no restrictions on the amount of valid trades in terms of currency pairs and transaction types.

9. Data Updates: All displayed data on the page is not real-time data and will have a certain delay. If the page is not updated, please wait for a period of time and return to refresh the page to view the data.

Note: Refer to requirements above, and complete the corresponding task to get the corresponding reward. Reward is limited to the first 100 eligible users

Reward Description

  1. The maximum prize pool for this campaign is 5000 USDT. If the total user rewards hit the maximum prize pool before the campaign end date, the campaign will end early and the final rewards will be calculated based on the user’s campaign data.
  2. The maximum reward for each user in this campaign is 50 USDT in futures credits.
  3. Rewards will be issued within 30 days of the end of the campaign. The platform has the right to postpone the issuance of rewards for any reason it deems necessary in its discretion, such as large-scale risk control checks and other issues.
  4. Futures credits are valid for 30 days. Refer to the rules of use for futures credits for more details.
  5. 25% off Coinrule subscriptions will be applied at the end of the campaign. The discount applies for 3 months or 1 year subscriptions. Coinrule will contact eligible users at the end of the campaign

Visit OKX & Coinrule Campaign page for more details on OKX Platform rules.

Happy Trading!