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Reality Beats Fiction

Ethereum / Bitcoin (BINANCE:ETHBTC)

Fiction authors have tried to foresee how the future would have looked like for centuries. They always pushed their imagination to the edge of the impossible, and eventually, fiction turned into reality with the rise of Dogecoin.

What, likely, nobody would have ever guessed is that a “currency” named after a cute and playful dog would have been on the verge of starting a worldwide revolution among millions of people.

Last week, Dogecoin surged to ridiculous levels pushing its market capitalization to valuation comparable to Polkadot and Cardano . Notably, Dogecoin has almost zero development roadmap, while some of the brightest crypto developers have been working on Polkadot and Cardano for years. That’s the power of a meme in 2021.

While all eyes are on Dogecoin and other meme-coins, Ethereum breaks what could turn out to be an 18-months long accumulation phase priced in Bitcoin terms. It is hard to assess the upside potential of a new Ethereum uptrend properly, as nowadays, no trader or investor seems to care about valuations anymore. The reality is that Ethereum’s network secures every day billions of dollars worth of transactions, with new capital and adopters flowing regularly. That’s definitely something to take into account. Whether this is just fiction or reality, better you have the feet on the ground and trade safely.