NFT Games Discussed

What are NFT Games?

NFTs have created an exciting new trend in the blockchain and crypto space. Early-stage NFTs led to the development of NFT gaming and play-to-earn games. Game-Fi is a new area that combines finance and gaming to provide opportunities for earning income through playing games.

With NFTs, there are multiple ways to earn. The traditional model of earning money through gaming involves finding, breeding, or winning rare collectibles. However, the players have the option to try out other models. Play-to-Earn is one of the prototypes that has gained a lot of popularity.

What is NFT?

NFT represents an item that is unique. This is a cryptographic digital token that was developed using Blockchain technology.

The NFTs can be used in multiple scenarios. For example, they could serve as digital assets for a video game, collectible crypto-art, or real-world objects like real estate.

What are NFT Games?

The virtual collectibles we can hold in our wallet are not NFT.

The rules, mechanics, and interactions between players are all based on NFTs. In an NFT-based game, for example, an avatar or unique character could be an NFT or virtual items such as the weapons in the game may also be NFTs.

The players can trade or swap the NFTs to make profits. Play-to-earn, the new model for NFT-based games, allows players to make money from NFT-based games. A smart contract is used to implement rules and conditions for the NFT game.

Earn NFT by playing games

The users can earn money by playing the NFTs that allow them to play. As players play longer, they will receive more tokens as well as NFTs. Tokens can either be used in the game or sold at exchanges. This model allows users to earn NFTs and tokens in a consistent manner.

Axie infinity is one of the most popular NFT play-to earn games. Users must either purchase 3 “Axies” (the Pokémon-like pets of the game) as an initial investment or receive a scholarship to begin playing.

Prices for Axies vary and can reach as high as $200 USD. After a user has found a starter group and completed the challenges and tasks, they will earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP), an ERC-20 token that can be exchanged on exchanges.

What is a NFT in-game?

NFTs in-game are another source of income for NFT games. Users can earn collectible NFTs in-game, as opposed to fungible tokens like Axie’s SLP.

These collectibles have varying values depending on whether they are cosmetic, rare, or useful within the game. CryptoKitties is an example of a NFT in the game. The collectability of NFTs in the game is their sole basis. In the latest NFTs, both in-game NFTs and play-to earn models are available.

Popular NFT Games

The majority of NFTs games are built on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Some games are based on traditional video games, but most focus on NFTs. Other NFT-based games are emerging.


Sorare consists of a football fantasy game where you can trade and collect real-life soccer players.

The user can build a five-player soccer team by purchasing or using tokenized cards. Every time a player wins, scores a goal or completes an event, they can level up and earn more points.

Gods Unchained

The Gods Unchained, a NFT trading game built using Ethereum, is very similar to both “Magic: The Gathering”, and “Hearthstone”. The players build their own decks based on the strengths and powers they have to battle other players. The more the player wins, the more items they earn to sell or use.

Flux can be earned by playing some ranked games such as Gods Unchained. You can use Flux to create powerful NFT Cards. The players can sell them or buy new cards to continue the cycle.

Binance NFT collections

With the NFT Mystery Boxes and Collection Partnerships, the NFT Marketplaces at Binance provide a NFT gaming experience for users.

Digital artists and NFT games are all possible. Each mystery box includes a NFT randomly selected from varying rarities and collections. The user can either open the mystery box and reveal the NFT or sell it before opening.

NFT Collections are made up of NFTs or Mystery Boxes centered on a particular theme. Game-fi Mystery Box Collections, which include:

Binance Play to Earn

  • MOBOX collection: Built on BSC, this platform combines NFTs and DeFi yield farming. NFT mystery boxes include MOMO NFTs that have random hashing powers on the MOBOX Platform.
  • My Neighbour Alice Collection My Neighbour Alice, a virtual building game. This game includes NFT cosmetics. Only cosmetic items are included in the Collection Mystery Boxes. They will be valued by users and sold on the secondary market.


The NFT game ecosystem is a collection of digital collectibles that has rules to allow players to interrelate. NFTs are valued by users for either their collectability or utility. Game-fi is a gaming company that has changed the way NFTs are acquired and used.