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Crypto Scalp Trading: The Basics

Scalp trading is also known as “scalping” and it’s a crypto trading technique that allows you to earn profits repeatedly over a short time period.

Scalp trading, also known as scalping, is a popular strategy for trading cryptocurrencies. It leverages the volatility of the crypto market to generate regular short-term profits. Scalp traders are also known as scalpers. They seek to profit from small price fluctuations. The main goal of the strategy is to make short-term moderate profits and tighten stop losses within a short period of time.

What is scalping in cryptocurrency trading?

Scalp Trading allows crypto traders to make money by taking advantage of small price changes in their crypto assets. This can be done within minutes or seconds.

Scalpers are interested in assets with high volatility, and large trading volumes. It is an innovative way to make on-the spot profits with low risk from volatile assets.

Scalping is not for everyone. Scalping requires precision, advanced cryptocurrency knowledge, market expertise, and experience with volatile assets.

How Do Scalpers Generate Profit?

The Technical Analysis (TA) allows scalpers to create their own customized strategy by analyzing the market in real-time.

All traders will still be able to benefit from some of the fundamental principles that govern scalping.

Technical Analysis is a way for traders to study and learn about market behaviour. It also allows them to understand the past movements of asset prices and make predictions. The average scalper spends 5-10 minutes on the entire process.

The 5-minute timeframe has become a popular strategy because it allows for a clear analysis and increases predictability in scalping.

Two main methods of crypto scalping trading are:

Manual Crypto Trading

Manual scalping is a form of manual trading where traders closely monitor the market, and the price movement of an asset. To maximize profits, traders need to track market movements and take instant decisions about opening and closing positions.

Automated Crypto Trading

Automated trading is a form of automated trading where traders write a program to analyze the risks, and then execute the trade for them.

Scalping is a skill that requires both manual and automatic trading. It also requires intuitive knowledge and a thorough understanding of the crypto market.

What is the Best Timeframe to Scalp Crypto?

The “trading volume”, or the total number of executed trades, is what a scalping timeframe refers to. The strategy for crypto scalping also plays a role. Scalpers prefer charts that are 5-30 minutes long.

Scalping Pros

  • Highly profitable, particularly for experienced traders.
  • Over time, small profits can add up to a significant amount.
  • Small-time and novice traders can trade with less risk.
  • Market fluctuations can generate profits without the need for the market to move in any particular direction.

Scalping Cons

  • It requires a minimum of trades in order to produce substantial profits.
  • The overall cost of transactions increases because traders are required to pay multiple commissions.
  • It is time-consuming and requires high concentration and precision.

Crypto Scalping Indicators

Moving Average (MA)

The MA shows the asset’s price movement during a specified period. SMA (Simple Moving Average), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), and other indicators provide useful information on recent price changes.

Support and Resistance

These levels can help you execute a trade quickly.

The “Support Level” is the stage when the price has stopped moving downwards and started to move upwards. While the “Resistance Level” is the point where the price stops going up and begins to fall.

Relative Strength Index

The Relative Strength Index RSI is used to determine the best entry and exit points. It’s a good way to determine the overall performance and price trend of an asset.

Crypto Scalping Tips

  1. Learn to trade – Begin with a Demo account. Opening a demo trading account is recommended, especially for new traders.
  2. Gather Information – Learn the different scalping techniques, the cryptocurrency exchanges’ fees, asset reputation on the market, prices movements, market behavior, etc. You can also join our crypto-trading community or take a course to learn the basics.
  3. Become familiar with trading tools. Research technical indicators, and other applications such as Trading bots, charts and Coinrule GPT that can assist in executing trades.

Beginners’ Guide to Crypto-Scalping

Here are some steps to help you get started with crypto-scalping trading.

  • Select the right trading pair. Before selecting the trading pair, traders must understand the asset’s trading volume liquidity, price volatility and trading history.
  • Choose an exchange that is compatible with the assets – Select a platform to support them. It is also important to consider the reputation and trading costs of the crypto exchange.
  • Choose trading tools. Manual trading can be time-consuming and requires a great deal of crypto-trading knowledge, which is overwhelming for beginners. Trading tools such as bots to automate the process of trading and can help traders make better decisions.
  • Select a trading strategy. The market offers many different trading strategies. Select a trading strategy that suits your goals.

Crypto Scalping Strategies

There are several types of scalping trading strategies.

Range Trading

The trader must identify the range of prices within which he will buy and/or sell the asset. The idea is to purchase the asset at a low price and then sell it to profit when its value increases.

Scalpers must know when to sell and at what price.


Scalpers can make money by arbitraging the price difference between buying and selling the exact same asset on different crypto markets. Crypto arbitrage trading can be divided into two categories:

Spatial Arbitrage: In order to mitigate risk, the trader simultaneously opens both short and long positions on different crypto exchanges.

Pairing Arbitrage: It is performed on a single platform, rather than different exchanges. Traders attempt to short the main asset of the trading pair.

Price Action

Price action strategies include keeping an eye on crypto prices, analyzing price resistances and verifying timeframes.

Margin Trading with Leverage

Margin trading or leveraged trading allows traders to increase their gains by taking advantage of market price fluctuations. Leverage is the ratio of the amount required to open a position and the amount that the trader may trade.


Crypto scalping is an easy trading strategy which is risk-free and allows traders to earn small profits every day. This is a great way to earn and learn through crypto trading.