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Coinrule is that one solution that can be used by moon shooters and customers regardless of whether they are newbie or advanced. You can plan a custom-made crypto strategy builder made up of various automatic trading plan which can be tested to see how you can buy/sell SHIB successfully.

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Our assurance to clients is to offer the most effective trading experience while guaranteeing ease. Cryptocurrency markets operate on a 24/7 basis. Use Coinrule to build a trading rule and start your automatic strategies using the If-this-then-that way

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At Coinrule, we make consistent developments to our smart assistant every day and roll out new features periodically. We are always collecting feedbacks and opinions from our most professional customers and connected allocations.

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Design automatic trades based on mainstream indicators

A major trading hindrance are human emotions and sentiments which negatively impact buying/selling decisions and results. Trading with the help of a tool helps to limit the impact of concern, excitement and greed that any trader experiences. If as a newcomer, you want to take profit like a Guru, use Coinrule.

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