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Coinrule makes automatic trading system as flexible as IFTTT. Any investor will be able to establish his own system quickly without code skills. A flexible and powerful platform will match the needs of any crypto trader so no profit on the trading floor will be miss anymore.

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You can easily handle at any time your automated strategies from a unified control panel connected to OKex and there you will review all pertinent feature about your crypto strategy builder. You have full control of your hodlings, Coinrule doesn't have permit to take away your cryptocurrenciess form your exchange. Your safety is our top rank!

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Manage our Demo Exchange with virtual coins to securely test your automatic strategies in real market events with no risk for your holding. You can plan your new trading system to make it more powerful. Market conditions evolve often so affability is an important obligation and Coirule is committed to meet the highest requirements of any investor.

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Design automatic trades based on mainstream indicators

BitTorrent has a very outstanding roadmap for 2019, press releases can be released every day and price can move when you expect the least since OKex runs 24/7. A automatic trading systems enables you to catch any opportunity without ignoring a single trade. Create Automatic Rules with Coinrule now!

Trigger strategies when the altcoin market changes Based on the most promising indicators
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