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“Coinrule is a top machine that helps cryptocurrency traders, to build trading machines without having to write down a single line of code.”

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Coinrule develops the most convenient and most user-friendly cryptocurrency app. With Coinrule you can create your own rule based on DCR and let it run automatically on the best crypto exchanges like OKex. It is the If-This-Then-That for automatic strategies that allows you to catch all opportunities on the market.

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Coinrule meets the requests of diverse types of investors and traders. Easily analyse and run your automated trading in minutes on OKex. Simply manage your coins , protect your portfolio and top the market without dropping a single opportunity.

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Even in moments of low market volatility, some altcoins can still be part of a level of volatility that can provide great opportunities. Buy the coins dropping and sell those jumping, you can exploit these price moves by running your orders using a trading rule. Running your crypto capital has never been so simple!

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Ever wondered how to automatize your trading plan but you don't have coding abilities? Coinrule is based on a If-This-Then-That system, we suggest a user-friendly solution and many guides that will enable you designing your first strategy on OKex.

Trigger correlations when the market changes Based on the most promising indicators
No code needed As simple as IFTTT
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