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Ever tried to design digital money trading rules and failed? Ever tried to automatize BitShares buying-selling on HitBTC? Check out Coinrule! Coinrule is a trading rules editor that lets users to design automated trading strategies without a PhD! Automate all your digital money buying-selling with the only auto trading bot you need!

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Remember when markets grew 150x and more? Did you wish you had invested in BitShares on HitBTC at that time? Coinrule helps you to jump into each opportunity even while you sleep! The best members of the community launch machines. Build Strategy with Coinrule today to manage your coins BTS every 24 hours.

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The best digital money projects such as BitShares are advancing on their 2019 roadmap. Have you been wanting to place your orders BTS, BTS or BTS? Are you already on HitBTC? Now is the time to Create Automatic Rules, bring your digital money investing to the next step with Coinrule!

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Any questions? Enter Coinrule's Help Center! Read about our protection for your trading, how we guarantee your API Keys, how you can connect Coinrule to HitBTC and what trading systems you need to take profit BitShares. Create Bot with Coinrule and let us know if you have any questions!

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