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Coinrule is working every day to develop new strategies and tools for trading environment. Our automatic exchange allows QTUM members of the community to make profits while trading any coins, including QTUM, on HitBTC.

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Coinrule is a automatic exchange that grants [traders} of different sorts of expertise to make money trading QTUM. Our users are capable to build straightforward and clever trading strategies on all major wallets. You can test and execute your automatic trades to plan your own strategy. Coinrule makes it very manageable to to build up a portfolio of QTUM, security your portfolio and seize market pumps.

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Cryptocurrency markets doens't go sleep! Only a automatic exchange can fully take advantage of all possibilities in the market. You can plan a automatic exchange with Coinrule very easily! Order your rules using our trading systems system, no coding skills involved!

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QTUM has grown more than 50x over the past years. With Coinrule you can experience life-changing returns whilst reducing your possibility. buying/selling crypto is the golden opportunity of the 21st century. Coinrule lets you to take advantage of it!

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