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“It's amazing to be able to set an automated crypto bot environment by myself.”

Build automated trading strategies

Have you been interested in the Avalanche rush of 2021? Don't be left behind. Use Coinrule to begin creating your astute rules and take part in the cryptocurrency market over and over.

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It has been an interesting year for crypto strategizing with lots of growth and dips. How do you know when to accumulate and when to sell your coins? Let Coinrule keep an eye on the market for you. The crypto bot enables you to define automatic strategies to be executed as the altcoin market evolves.

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Design your own trading method and create bots AVAX

Clients want two major things: an investment that is protected and an investment that makes results. Coinrule offers this dual value with its crypto bot that follows moving markets without downtime and the trading plans based on the If-this-then-that logic.

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Develop automatic trades based on military-grade indicators

You do not need to have safety concerns when buying-selling with Coinrule. We do not have withdrawal rights to your connected allocations neither do we store your API Keys. The API Keys are stored with guaranteed security. Your Avalanche is safe with Coinrule.

Trigger mechanisms when the crypto market changes Based on the most promising indicators
No code involved As simple as IFTTT
Manage volatility Maximise Profits

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